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Toronto Audiology Associates is located within the North York Family Health Team. Toronto Audiology Associates services children ages 6 months and up outside of the Infant Hearing Program to adulthood. Toronto Audiology Associates is an independent private practice clinic. We provide audiological evaluations, cerumen management, tinnitus evaluations, hearing aid evaluations, hearing aid dispensing and auditory processing evaluations and much more. 

Our mission is to provide clinical excellence in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of hearing loss in order to maximize each client’s communication potential and to enhance their quality of life.

List of our services: 

Ear Wax removal 
We provide ear wax management services for adults with excessive or impacted wax using curettage, endoscopic microsuction techniques and earigator for ear irrigation.

Hearing Testing
We measure a person's hearing using an extensive battery of tests that target the outer ear, middle ear function , the inner ear hair cells and speech discrimination.

Hearing aid Evaluation
We use our fitting suite to fit a set of hearing aids specifically to your loss. We then use Rear Ear Measurement (REM) to verify that the devices are delivering the amplification you require.

Tinnitus Management
Although there currently is not a cure for tinnitus, after testing and consultation we can discuss different treatment options to help with tinnitus management.


Pediatric Hearing Testing
We can perform hearing tests on pediatrics as young as 6 months outside of the Infant Hearing Program using Visual Reinforcement Audiometry.

Custom Hearing Protection
An impression is taken of your ear to ensure proper fit. Noise plugs, sleep plugs, swim plugs and musician's ear plugs are offered.

Assessment for Auditory Processing Disorder
APD is difficulty in processing the sounds that you hear. We provide a comprehensive APD assessment for both adults and children as young as 7, a report is completed outlining the results. 

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