Pediatric Hearing Testing

Looking for a Hearing Test for your Child in Toronto?


At Toronto Audiology Associates we service children ages 6 months and up outside of the Infant Hearing Program. We have invested significantly in state of the art pediatric testing equipment to make sure every child has the most accurate assessment possible using the latest techniques. We believe that children deserve no less. We adhere to proven best practice protocols and quality assurance procedures. Various diagnostic tests are carried out depending on the child’s age, auditory attention and health status. Both behavioral and physiological tests are used in the audiological assessments for pediatric patients. We provide hearing assessments, hearing aid evaluations and auditory processing evaluations in our state of the art clinic. Contact us today!

Does my Child Need a Hearing Test?

    • Failure to startle or wake to loud sounds
    • Delayed and/or inappropriate speech recognition
    • Frequent ear infections (earaches)
    • People have to raise their voice consistently to get their attention
    • They respond inconsistently to sounds
    • They turn their head so that one ear is facing the direction of the sound
    • They talk in a noticeably soft or loud voice
    • They turn the radio or television up
    • They do not always come or look when called
    • They confuse sounds that sound alike
    • They frequently ask for things to be repeated
    • They often answer a question with an unrelated answer
    • They  seem inattentive at home or at school

If your child has one or more of the above symptoms, he or she may have difficulty hearing and should be assessed by our qualified professionals.

Pediatric Hearing Tests - What to Expect

Case History and Otoscopic Evaluation

The Audiologist will obtain a thorough case history to evaluate your child’s hearing concerns and medical history and will then examine their ears with an otoscope.

Audiometry: Pure Tone and Speech Testing

1. Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA):

At approximately six months of age, a child is usually able to turn to localize a sound. Using this method, a head turn in response to the test signal such as a tone, a noise or speech is rewarded visually using an animated mechanical toy with lights and movement. In this type of audiometry, the child is seated on their parent’s lap in the sound booth.

2. Play Audiometry:

At approximately 2.5 to 3 years of age, a child is typically able to be tested by play audiometry techniques. They will be seated at a small play table in the sound booth and are conditioned to respond each time an auditory signal is presented by putting a peg in a board or dropping a block into a bucket. The parent may be present in the sound booth and the child often wears headphones during the testing.

3. Conventional Audiometry:

At approximately 4 years of age, a child begins to be tested similarly to an adult. The child is instructed to respond to the softest sound they are listening to using headphones. The child might raise their hand, clap their hands together, push a button on a handheld device or say "yes" whenever a sound is heard. The child will also be asked to repeat words to determine the softest level at which a child can hear and discriminate words.

Middle Ear Testing: Tympanometry and Acoustic Reflex Thresholds:

The Audiologist will place a probe in your child’s ear to measure the pressure and movement of their eardrum. They will also hear some louder tones which will be evaluating the contraction of the stapedius muscle or acoustic reflex in the middle ear. Since the equipment measures the responses your child will not need to respond to these sounds.

Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions (DPOAE) testing

The Audiologist will place a probe in your child's ear and some soft sounds will be presented to their ear to evaluate how the outer hair cells in the inner ear are responding. Since the equipment measures the responses they will not need to respond to these sounds. Your child may have had this test as part of the Infant Hearing Program.

Children's Hearing Aids

We provide the latest hearing aids from the biggest hearing aid brands for children. Children need the very best help possible when they have hearing loss, especially for their growth. That is why we always offer the very latest hearing solutions to meet their needs.

For more information regarding hearing aids for children, please click here.

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