Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery

Rechargable Li-Ion hearing aids

Latest rechargeable solution in the hearing aid industry. Longer runtime, longer life time.

Lithium-ion battery is the latest rechargeable technology in the hearing aid industry right now. Compared with traditional batteries, lithium-ion batteries offer a longer runtime  and longer life time for your hearing aids. With its fast charging feature, you are ready to wear your hearing aids for the whole day without worrying about battery life. Say Goodbye to constantly changing batteries and feel confident that your hearing aids are ready and charged for the day. Actually, your hearing aids will just need three hours in order for them to be fully charged. If you forget to charge, a quick 30 minutes of charging will provide another six hours of use! This reliable and longer-lasting feature is great for you, your hearing aids and the environment! This feature is available with several hearing aid manufacturers. Our audiologists will review these options to best suit your needs when you come to visit us!

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