Hearing Aid Funding and Leasing

Hearing Aid Leasing       
Imagine never having to struggle to hear again. 

                                                                                             Imagine this all at a cost you can manage!

Hearing Aid Funding

Many people have private insurances that will help with their audiology or hearing aid expenses. The costs of your audiology and hearing aid services may also be applied to your medical expenses under your income taxes. We are also authorizers and vendors for the programs listed below. We are happy to help you service your existing hearing aids, provide supplies or help you update your current audiology services and hearing aid technology. Let us know if you need any support to learn more about these programs.

Hearing Aid Leasing- a new approach to hearing healthcare

We understand that there is no single way to manage your finances. That is why we are excited to offer you this new approach to hearing healthcare. For those individuals who prefer to manage expenses on a monthly budget rather than incur a large upfront expenditure, our exclusive Hearing Aid Leasing Program offers many advantages.

We offer a 36 month leasing option when purchasing your hearing aids. Now you can enjoy peace of mind with a single monthly payment with access to the latest hearing aid technology. No interest, low payments, best and latest hearing aid technology across all brands, 90 day trial period, highest standards in evidenced based audiology practice  and peace of mind.

No Unexpected Costs Our leasing program covers you for all diagnosis and follow-up appointments, hearing aid accessories and parts, hearing aid repairs and a full warranty on your premium level device.

Latest Technology - After 36 months your hearing aid technology will be upgraded to the newest premium technology so you'll never have to worry about replacing outdated technology.

Giving the Gift of Hearing - When you upgrade your hearing aids with us, your old devices will be refurbished and donated to a hearing aid mission to help people with hearing loss in developing countries. 

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