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Industrial, Musician, Swim, Sleep & Sport Ear Protection in Toronto.

Working in noise or constant exposure to high sound levels can seriously damage your hearing. Whether you work with noisy machinery, shrieking kids in noisy gyms, screaming crowds or loud music, we can help you protect your hearing. By taking an impression of your ear, we are able to make custom hearing protection that suits your lifestyle. Whether it be solid noise plugs to block out as much sound as possible, acoustic filtered plugs for clients who require hearing protection but still need to hear speech, or musician plugs that keep the sound quality resulting in a natural sound at a much lower volume, we can help you. We also offer swim plugs and Sleep-Eez plugs to help block out the sound of your snoring partner!

Custom Headphones, Enjoy The Music While Protecting Your Hearing

We realize that sound quality is important for many people in their day-to-day lives. That is why we offer custom made headphones, so you can enjoy the outstanding clarity and superb sound at lower volume levels. Custom earphones are comfortable and secure, ideal for use while exercising and because they dampen environmental noise you can listen to music at a reduced volume level while still enjoying the softest notes.

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