Auditory Processing Disorder

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What is Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)

An auditory processing disorder (APD) is a disruption of sound along the pathway from the ear to the brain which interferes with understanding. The ears do not work alone to decipher incoming information and the brain helps with language, cognition and memory skills. It is very important that the Audiologist involved in the diagnosis of APD has additional knowledge and skills, especially when assessing children with other types of disorders that look like APD or occur with APD. The Audiologist should review reports from other disciplines such as Psychologists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Special Education Resource Teachers, etc. in order to properly understand the nature and impact of the APD on the child.

At Toronto Audiology Associates  our experienced professionals complete a comprehensive battery of tests on normal hearing children with a developmental age of 7 years or older through adulthood to evaluate skills such as temporal sequencing/ordering, speech in noise, low redundancy speech, binaural separation, binaural integration and auditory memory. With the test results we will provide recommendations for modifications of the acoustic environment, use of assistive listening technology and direct intervention therapies.

 Signs of Auditory Processing Disorder

    • Appears to have hearing loss despite normal hearing   
    • Difficulty hearing in noise
    • Difficulty following oral instructions   
    • School performance poorer than expected
    • Easily distracted by noise   
    • Mishearing or misunderstanding  
    • Frequent requests for repetition
    • Short attention span for listening
    • Poor reading or spelling abilities
    • Poor musical ability
    • Disruptive behaviours
    • History of multiple ear infections
If you or your child are experiencing a number of these symptoms, it is recommended that a complete hearing assessment including tests that assess auditory processing with an Audiologist.

Auditory Processing Disorder Treatment


CAPDOTS™ is an online auditory training system for the treatment of Auditory Processing Disorders. It provides evidence-based, deficit-specific intervention using current audiological research. CAPDOTS™ is a convenient, readily-available online therapy program that allows Audiologists to provide formal, structured off-site auditory training to their clients.

CAPDOTS™ - Integrated

CAPDOTS™ - Integrated is a Dichotic Integrated Listening Training Program that utilizes time lead-lag interaural differences. It is a web-based, auditory training program module used to treat Auditory Processing Disorders, specifically binaural integration deficits and is based on principles of dichotic listening training.

CAPDOTS™ - Selected

CAPDOTS™ - Selected is a Dichotic Selection/Separation Listening Training Program that is useful for those with binaural separation deficits. The program presents dichotic stimuli at staggered onset times to favour the weaker ear with ongoing timing differences as the training progresses.


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